The Playboy Club action drama series about 60ies

The Playboy Club is an action crime drama the action of which takes place in the early 60-ies of the last century in Chicago, who at the time was regarded as perhaps one of the most criminal cities in the United States.
The young and very attractive girl Maureen manages to get a job as a waitress at the legendary Playboy Club, which customers are the most famous and influential personalities of the time. Among them unsuccessfully lawyer named Nick Dalton, who has to maintain relations with all those who in one way or another has power in this huge city. Once, on Maureen is being attacked by one of the members of the club who trying to rape a girl right in the back room. Nick comes to rescue her, but, unfortunately, at that moment Maureen accidentally kills her abuser. He turns out to be the head of the Italian Mafia Bruno Bianchi. Realizing the consequences of this event, Dalton helps her to get rid of the body. The question is whether they can avoid the revenge of the mafia whose members will not rest until they find the killer of their boss.

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